Pakbeng Travel Guide

Looking accommodation in Pakbeng,

Half way journey guesthouses and hotels not so many there, you can walking just near the slow boat pier at Pakbeng, the guesthouses are along the main road of that area, accommodations near slow boat pier,There also cheap and clean room for budget traveler, in high season many tourist over there because group tours and the boat up and down have to stop to overnight here sometime not enough room Only one night for sure you can book in advance stay.
Every accommodation has free WiFi, sometime not enough electricity in Pakbeng, there are also 14 guesthouses, 4 hotels, 2 lodges in Pakbeng.

and camping in Pakbeng

Pakbeng city

Pakbeng city

Recommend Pakbeng Riverside Hotel

The best hotel in Pakbeng, we provide accommodation in Pakbeng, near the river bank, you can enjoy the Mekong River view, near the town just 200 meters, the hotel is 20 rooms.

The river view room, balcony overlooking the Mekong River, sunset and Jacuzzi spa, seating are outside and inside, the king bed size and large room 42 square meters,
Air-conditioning, clean, comfortable bedding, the bathroom is separated between with bathtub, shower and toilet, free Internet WiFi, included breakfast, cable TV, swimming pool on the rooftop,

The rooftop balcony provides panoramic views of the town and Mekong River.

Pakbeng Riverside Hotel

Pakbeng Riverside Hotel

Pakbeng Riverside Hotel

Pakbeng Riverside Hotel

11/139 Khem Khong Road, Pakbeng Village, Pakbeng District, Oudamsay Province, 04000
Tel: +856305385170
Lao mobile:+8562058513555,+8562058740999.
Thai mobile: +66800323371
Line ID:
WhatApp: +8562058513555

Small town called Pakbeng in northern Laos, Pakbeng is halfway between Huay Xai and Luang Prabang, where the local people take the boat up and downstream, you can spend a night and also visit the city. On the main road main road, there are people from the old village near the Beng River just 1 Kilometer from the town.
In that time this is the main road to transport wild wood to china and goods to OdamXai province, now the government limits them to export to another country.

Pakbeng city

Thing to do in Pakbeng

One day trekking tours

Jungle trekking about 5 hours, we would recommend between 13 to 55 years old
Check in at 8:15 am then drive about one hours, the trekking will departure to the jungle between mountains,
On the way thought rice flew, stop and break for lunch on the way (picnic lunch) it would be local food,  you can swimming at the stream on the way back, visit the tribe on the way it would be unforgettable experience.

You can visit the Pakbeng market (optional).

Wat Kokku
In the evening you can walk to Wat Jom Jeng just near your market, here you will see Mekong view and also a small temple
Wat Jom Jeng is site on the at the river bank it small temple in Pakbeng, where the local people worship, the 1 monks and 3 novices

Elephant Camp in Pakbeng

Elephant Camp just Opposite Pakbeng village they have many options for you, there are 3 elephants

The boat racing festival in Pakbeng

In September every year they activity long boat racing between the village

Night market in Pakbeng


Morning Market in Pakbeng

Pakbeng is a small town situated about 300 meters on foot, the market is open at 6 am – 9 am. Hill tribe come and sell fresh food the sell vegetables and meats and cloths, more people in the morning
Evening Market in Pakbeng
This evening market the best way to buy fresh food and meat meet local people. the market is open at 4 pm – 6:30 pm before dark.

Pakbeng market

Pakbeng market

ATM in Pakbeng

There are two ATM in Pakbeng
Blue color one is belong to Lao development bank, just started in 2011
Fee 20,000 kip/ time
Maximum 1,000,000 millions
And Red color is belong to BCEL bank, just started in 2017
They accept credit cards such as Visa, Master card, Union pay, JCB.
There bank near you’re the ATM, just walk up at 200 meters
On pen daily on working day at 8:30 am – 3:30 pm
You can exchange in Pabeng
Fee for ATM 20,000 kip/ time
Maximum 1,500,000 millions

ATM in Pakbeng

And another Agriculture bank

This bank is about 2 kilometers
On pen daily on working day at 8:30 am – 3:30 pm

Restaurant and Food
On the main road for the restaurants in Pak Beng including BKC restaurant, Khopchaideu, Hashan, Indian restaurant, Phonemany restaurant, Monesavanh, bakery D.P bakery, the restaurant serves traditional Lao foods, Western, Indian & Asian foods.

Pakbeng menu


Happy Bar Pakbeng, where you can relax, games and chill, it a small bar and Mekong View
This bar is next to BKC villa and restaurant.
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