Mekong River In Southeast Asia

The Mekong River is the Mother of Waters, Southeast Asia on the high mountains of the Tibet plateau, more than 4,878 kilometers above sea level, the snow slowly melts into a small stream, this is the source of the Mekong River. While the source of the upper Mekong is melting snow, hundreds of tributaries, nourished by the monsoons, feed the lower Mekong.

Along its long journey, the local people call the river different names. in Jinghing, the Tai lue people call the river “Lancing”. The majority of Chinese call it “Lancang Jiang”. As the river from the border between Thailand and Laos, the locals call it ”Kong“ The Thai people call it “mac nam kong”. As the leaves Laos to enter Cambodia, the local people call it “Tonle Kong”. Flowing to Vietnam, it is called “Tien”.
At the delta, the mighty river spreads into many channels. Here, the people call the river “Gao long”
Which means “Nine dragons” From the Mekong’s source to its delta, the river travels 4,878 kilometers making it the tenth longest river in the world.

The Mekong River is hight in raining season and level suitable in march

If do you take a flight to Huay Xai at 8 am arrive here at 9:30 am

We can wait for you

If the flight delay you can take pubic slow boat

Or wait here one more day

Unsurely the flight is on time

The pubic slow boat leave at the pier 11 -12 at noon

Which country are you?

If you check out from when you comeback you have to pay again for visa

at the Sanctuary Lodge they have the elephants camp

you can spend 2 night in Pakbeng

Yes the end of January is cold.

For the elephants trek you have to check on tripavisor by yourself

The scenery in upper portion of the river similar

From Huay Xai to Pakbeng the river is narrow

From Pakbeng to Luang Prabang the river is wide

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