Lean Lao Language

It’s easy to lean Lao language by yourself before to travel in Laos

Some useful Lao words, we will teach you how to speak some local language, when you plan to traveling to Laos
You can speak to Lao people, if you not speak well they will teach you how to pronunciation, Laos is a peaceful if you try to speak with them and smiling.
Lao people surprise, if foreigner can speak Lao, they would like to speak with you
Lao and Thai is very similar, if you can speak Thai, Lao people will understand you
It not difficult to lean Lao, but try to speak often by yourself.

I hope you can lean Lao language

English = Lao
Hello = Sa bai dee
Thank you (very much) = Kaup chai (lai lai)
What is your name? = Jao suu nyung?
My name is… khawy seu…
Nine to meet you = Yin dee te hu juk
I don’t understand = Baw khao jai
Sorry = Khaw thot
How much? = Thao dai?
Don’t worry about it = Bor pen nyung
Too expensive! = Phaeng! lai
One beer please =Kaw bia un neung
Cheers = Tam jok
Rice = khao
Delicious = Sep lai
No thank you = Baw oa kaup chai
Water = Naam
Where is the toilet? = Hawng nam yuu sai?
Yes = Maen leeo
No = Baw
Good bye = Sok dee deuh
1, Neung,
2, Song,
3, Saam,
4, See,
5, Haa,
6, Hok,
7, Jet,
8, Paet,
9, Kao,
10, Sia,
100, Loi,
1000, Phan,1,000,000 Laan