Lao Fishermen

Fish in Laos in the mighty Mekong River though 6 countries

The Mekong River though 6 countries in Lao the Mekong River somewhere is low and drop, local people here catch the for eating and selling, job, freshwater, sweet water
They lean how to catch Mekong fish from father.
Lao people call fish“ປາ” and fishermen “ຄົນຫາປາ”
Say fish in Lao.

Lao fisherman caching fish by equipment or Lao Fishing tools Sue such:
Fishing long Net, some fishermen they put the net near the rock and strong rock, they know the fish will cram up and big fish will eat small fish
Tong traps, Rod, Reel, Fish hook, although nets, Spears
Fishing tool illegal.
Boom, pointing, electricity.

The largest freshwater “giant catfish” is critically endangered species,
The Mekong giant catfish is illegal in the wild in Laos, Thailand and Cambodia, but the bans appear to be ineffective and the fish is less.

MR, Boun. Hi is the fishermen in Ban Done, hi catch the fish every day, hi get experience 20 years.
He catch the fish by long net, fisher boat, he throw the net in the from the north to the south and down the river, when he can the fish 1-2 kilograms, he sell the fish at the restraints
The cost is 75,000 kip/ kilogram, than fish fame cost 20,000 kip/ kilogram
In dry season can catch more fish.