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Huay Xai hotels and gusethouse there are a variety of accommodation available in Huay Xai. It’s a small town on the banks of the Mekong River and provides an excellent base to explore the surrounding countryside and arrange a boat trip to Luang Prabang. You have a choice of different guesthouses ranging from 4 star hotels to budget guesthouses, hostels with dormitories. Some rooms can provide a river view balconies and can be booked in advance.

Huay Xai Hotel - Huay Xai, Laos, Asia

The following is a list of Huay Xai Hotels:

Mekong Smile Guesthouse.

We providing accommodation in Huay Xai, located in the city center on the main road.
Clean room, free Wi-Fi, hot shower, television.
We have total 7 rooms 2 twin rooms, 3 double rooms, 1 triple room and 1 family room.

B2 Monethong Hotel, Tel:+ 856 84 215 018

B2 Monethong Hotel - Huay Xai Hotel

The best hotel in Huay Xai city. The hotel is located in south of the town about 6 kilometers, only 20 minutes away, if near the new Lao development bank. They have a Presidential Suite, Deluxe or Superior Rooms. Including TV, hot tub, slippers, bathrobes, direct dial telephone, mini-bar and coffee & tea.

Swimming pool meeting, wedding and karaoke this one is for big group.

They are 88 rooms.
Price below:
4 suite rooms
31 Superior rooms
53 deluxe rooms

Oudamsin Hotel

Tel: (+856 84 211114)

Mob: (+856 2056455789)

Gateway Villa Hotel A, Gateway Villa Hotel B. Tel:+856 84 212 180

Gateway Villa Hotel A, Gateway Villa Hotel B - Huay Xai, Laos
They are 2 hotels avaialble, both owned by a Thai businessman, Villa Hotel A is opposite the BeerLao distributor with 30 rooms and free Wi-Fi available. The breakfast is included in the price and there is also a restaurant next-door.Hotel B  is located next to the duty free shop and provides the same facilties. Prices below:
1. Air-conditioning rooms (630 bath/150 000 kip).
2. 5 fan rooms (420 bath/100,000 kip)
3. 2 triple room (730 baht/ 175,000 kip)
4. 1 single room (80,000 kip)

Oudomphone Guesthouse 2. Tel: +856 84 211 308

Oudomphone Guesthouse 2 - Huay Xai, Laos
This guesthouse is opposite the Sabaydee Guesthouse, next to Bar How. The rooms are clean, bright and functional. On the first floor is the restaurant which provdies a good breakfast along with Free Wifi. There are total 25 rooms.
1. VIP room (150,000 kip/600 bath)
2. Air-conditioning rooms (500 bath/120 000 kip)
3. Fan rooms (300 bath/80 000 kip)
4. Air-conditioning Dorm room 150,000 kip
5. Fan room (100,000) kip

Phonethip Guesthouse. Tel: +856 84 211 084

Phonethip Guesthouse - Huay Xai, Laos, Asia
Next to the Mekong Smile Cruise travel and Gateway Villa Hotel on the main road, there is a very large balcony where you can see the Mekong River. The owner of this guesthouse is very friendly, Wi-Fi available, the room is basic but clean and cheap.
1. Air-conditioning rooms (500 bath/120,000 kip)
2. fan rooms (250 bath/60,000 kip)
3. 1 room with shared bathrooms (50,000 kip)
4. Single room (50,000 kip)

Bounaphone(BAP) Guesthouse.

Mob: +85620 55185398, +8562055833020, +856305120179,

Bounaphone(BAP)Guesthouse - Huay Xai, Laos
The owner is friendly. This is a small guesthouse with normal room, the first floor is the restaurant, breakfast is available, the second floor is the wooden room and they are total 16 rooms. Wi-Fi available
1. 4 fan rooms (300 bath/80,000 kip)
2. 3 Air-conditioning rooms (500 bath/130,000 kip)
3. 2 rooms with shared bathrooms (60,000 kip)
4. 1 triple room (100,000 kip)
5.1 triple room with shared bathrooms (100,000 kip)

Daauw Home. +856 30 90 41 296
Two ways to get to Daauw home, the first one is once you get off the slow boat terminal, walk up the only street on your left until you reach the first big street. There, you turn right and keep right when you reach the V-junction. Keep walking straight on until you see the Sabaydee Guesthouse on your right. Take the street right across the Guesthouse and then take the first street on your right. Daauw Home is on your left, just before the street starts to get steeper. The second one just walk up the temple stairs, it’s about 15 meters and turn left then keep walking straight, it’s on the right hand side.

The bungalow is very basic, with a big bed and a small bathroom that has a toilet and a big bucket of water to shower with. The toilet doesn’t flush, but you can use the water from the bucket to flush. There’s a fan, so it’s not too hot at night. The staff is very friendly and will try to help you in any way they can. For example, we didn’t have a hot shower but the owners suggested we could take a shower in their own bedroom, something you don’t hear very often. But this shouldn’t stop you from visiting this lovely place. At least try and stay here one night when in Huay Xai.

1. Air-conditioning rooms (500 bath/120 000 kip)
2. Fan rooms (360 bath/90 000 kip)
3. 2 Family rooms (600 bath/150 000 kip)
4. Single rooms (300 bath/80 000 kip)

Sabaydee Guesthouse. +8562099 710 677

Sabaydee Guesthouse - Huay Xai, Laos

It is at the north corner of the town, it opposite Oudomphone Guesthouse. It is near the gibbon experience only few meters. There is a very large balcony where you can see the Mekong River. The Wi-Fi available breakfast is available, they are total 24 rooms.
1. Air-conditioning rooms (500 bath/120 000 kip)
2. Fan rooms (360 bath/90 000 kip)
3. 2 Family rooms (600 bath/150 000 kip)
4. Single rooms (300 bath/80 000 kip)

Thaveesinh Hotel

Thaveesinh Hotel - Hauy Xai, Laos

It is close to the Gibbon Experience and next to the bank (ATM). The rooms are big and clean, with comfortable, albeit slightly hard, double or single beds. The bathroom is simple, but has hot water. They also provide a/c or a fan and have free Wi-Fi. From the balcony you have a nice view over the main street in Huay Xai and you can see the Mekong River. The owners speak very good English and are very kind and run a jewelry shop and a money exchange next door.

  1. a/c rooms (500 bath/120,000 kip)
  2. fan rooms (400 bath/100,000 kip)
  3. Single rooms (100,000 kip)
  4. 1 family room (150,000 kip)

Friendship Guesthouse

Mob: +8562059115500

Friendship Guesthouse

is in the town of Huay Xai, it opposite the Lao massage. The room is okay, there are total 10 rooms. The rooftop balcony provides panoramic views of the town and Mekong River. Free Wi-Fi.

  1. Twin/double rooms (300 bath/75 000 kip)
  2. 1 triple rooms (400 bath/100 000 kip)
  3. Single rooms (250 bath/60 000 kip)

Huay Xai Dormitory

River View Guesthouse - Huay Xai, Laos
River View Guesthouse has private and dormitory rooms, they are clean, have hot water and free wifi. Each room has a balcony where you can see the Mekong River. It’s located within the town next door to the Gibbon Experience head office. To get to the guesthouse from the Gibbon Experience office, walk down the same road and follow it when it turns right.
There are 4 dorm rooms:
1. Air-conditioning rooms (90,000 kip)
2. Fan rooms (50,000 or 70,000 kip)
3. 4 bed dorm rooms (30,000 kip)

Hom Pho Guesthouse

 Offers cheap and clean accommodation in the center of Huay Xay city and Bokeo province’s main road. Next to BCEL bank, opposite BAP guesthouse and bar (if you are coming from the Laos-Thai border and cross the Friendship Bridge, you can take a Tuk Tuk or minivan. The trip to our Guesthouse is only 30-minutes on the Tuk Tuk, a 30-minute walk away from the slow boat pier, or 5 minute by bike and Tuk Tuk.

Hom Pho Guesthouse is new and in excellent condition. In the rooms we have TV, Fan\air–condition, Free Wi-Fi, Free coffee and 2 water bottle\per day, and minibar service. Total of 13 rooms, 5 of which are double\twin rooms, 5 are single rooms, and 2 are triple rooms. Enjoy a view of the beautiful Mekong River, with a view shower, toilet inside, and a balcony inside.

  • The price all room with air-conditioning during low season

+ Single bed (with air-con)      \ without air-con

= 100.000 kip                         = -80.000 kip

= 500 bath                               = -400 bath

= 13 USD                                  = -10 USD

+ Double beds (with air-con)      \ without air-con

=120.000kip                           = -100.000KIP

= 600 bath                               = -500 bath

= 15 USD                                  = -13 USD

+ Triple bed (with air-con)      \ without air-con

=150.000kip                           = -130.000KIP

= 700 bath                               = -600 bath

= 20 USD                                  = -18 USD

  • The price all room with air-conditioning during high season

+ Single bed (with air-con)      \ without air-con

= 200.000 kip                        = -150.000 kip

= 900 bath                               = -600 bath

= 25 USD                                  = -20 USD

+ Double beds(with air-con)      \ without air-con

=150.000kip                           = -120.000KIP

= 625 bath                               = -500 bath

= 18 USD                                  = -15 USD

+ Triple bed (with air-con)      \ without air-con

=250.000kip                           = -200.000KIP

= 1000 bath                              = -800 bath

= 30 USD                                    = -25 USD

Please contact by number: 030 5448338, 020 58243322, 020 22381381, Thai number 081 0261 442


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