Border Crossing The New Border Thai to Lao Friendship Bridge No 4

Border crossing the new border Thai – Lao Friendship Bridge 4 from Chiang Khong to Huay Xai.
Chiangkhong immigration (procedure)

Take a TukTuk from Chiangkhong to Thai border. Upon arrival at the boarder you will need an exit stamp, do not leave without this! You then take a bus to the Laos boarder, this should cost around 20 THB. When you buy the ticket at the office they invite you to change the Lao money don’t do it the late is to low (get Lao money at Lao border). When you arrive at the border you will need to fill in your visa request form and pay the visa fee. Once you have your visa you can go through customs and enter Laos.

“The easy way”
Huay Xai Immigration
• 30 day visa on arrival (around 35 USD depending on nationality or 1500 baht)
• You will need a passport photo for the visa (40 baht if you don’t have one).
• Note – check your passport for the Visa and keep it to hand, it will be checked again as you exit.
• If you travel over the weekend there is an additional fee of 1 USD (weekend fee).
• If you travel after 4 pm there is also an additional fee of 1 USD.# Someone have two passport Thai and an Australian, If someone check in Australian passport to Thailand, should be check out by Australian passport to Laos, Lao immigration not accept Thai passport because can’t do two passport

1. Yes we need you passport this is for the police will check your passport detail and government tax
Crossing the border Huay Xai immigration
Once at the border with your visa in hand, you can cross into Laos via the following options:
• Take a shuttle bus across the Friendship for approx. 20 baht + 5 baht overtime (40 baht after 6 pm).
• Take a TukTuk to the bus station, which will cost approx. 10 000 – 15 000 kip (5 minute approx).
• TukTuk to Huay Xai city will cost approx. 20 000 – 25 000 kip (30 minute approx.).

How to cross from Huay Xai to Chiang Khong

The Lao immigration is south of the town about 10 kilometers away. Take the Tuk Tuk for 30 minutes to the friend ship bridge No 4.
When you get to the Lao border there are 2 banks, the first one in front of the Lao immigration and the second one is behind that. You can exchange Lao money to Thai money. Then continue to passport control on the right hand side. You have to fill in your departure card before checking out.
There are no fees between 8 am to 16:30 pm.
Over time charge of 10,000 kip or 1 US$ from 6 am to 8 am, 16:30 pm to 22 pm.
There is an all-day charge at the weekend.

Then you have to buy the shuttle bus ticket to cross the bridge. It costs 7,000 kip, 25 baht or 1 US$. The bus will wait for more people to join the bus. It takes about 20 or 25 minutes. After 6 pm the charge is 10 000 kip or 40 baht. The bus then waits about 30 minutes to take off again.
The shuttle bus needs couple of minutes to cross the bridge.
When you arrive at the Thai border you need to walk on the left hand side, then someone will give you an arrival card. You have to complete this card for the check in process.

Visa extension in Huay Xai.

If needed you can extend your Laos tourist visa at the immigration Office at the Friendship bridge number 4. It costs about $9 US a day to extend. Otherwise you can go to Thailand and then come back to Laos and get a new 4 week visa.
If someone stay over, they will charge US$10 a day

If you check out from when you comeback you have to pay again for visa

Warning: when you are crossing the border from Chiang Khong to Huay Xai make sure not to buy tickets for slow boat or tours that may be offered to you by Tour Company and to be wary that they will approach you while you are distracted filling out your visa forms.

Lost phone call or your passport control in Huay Xai in northern Laos
I just let you know if you lost your phone, bag or something else here
if you need it back to you, if you need the police to help you, if the police found it they charge for service (help) and shipping 100% of your products.
If you lost you’re at the Lao border, slow boat pier and somewhere in guesthouse
Lao police can help you.
Contact police: +85684212361
Huay Xai police: +856305826848

The passport must be more than 6 months before the entry.
Both country Laos and Thailand not accept the passport with a validity less than 6 months
in Huay Xai at Lao immigration.

Ministry of information culture and tourism

The government is planning to charge tourists a fee of US$1 to enter the border. The new policy will come into effect over the coming months..

This fee will be collected to the tourism fund which will be used for tourism development and tourism promotion in Lao P.D.R

Remarks: there will be penalty for the person who published this tourist fee tick without permission